A continued talk on bicycle safety

Last time, we spoke about the tragic death of marathon runner Sally Meyerhoff. The famous marathoner was killed in a bicycle accident in Arizona when she collided with a pickup truck on March 8. Every year more than 700 people are killed in bicycle accidents in the United States. Last time, we used the untimely death of Sally Meyerhoff as a jumping off point to remind all road occupants to obey traffic laws and to follow safety precautions. In this post we continue talking about bicycle safety points.

We left off with the discussion of what to wear while on your bike. Bikers should wear bright or neon colors to alert motorists of their presence on the road during the day. As day turns to night, it is a more dangerous time for bicyclists to be on the street. Bicyclists that ride at night should take proper precautions by wearing reflective clothing. The bicycle itself should have reflectors and a bright light should be affixed to the front and rear portions of the bike. At night, bicyclists should ride defensively and should not assume that motorists can see them. Children should avoid riding at night.

When riding, bicyclists should stay alert by keeping aware of their pathway. Potholes, railway tracks and even leaves can cause bicyclists to fall. When riding on roadways in groups, bicyclists should ride with traffic in single file. When traveling on the road, bicyclists should be alert at intersections. Over 70 percent of bicycle and car crashes occur at intersections or driveways. Bicyclists should look left, right and left again, and bicyclists should signal before turning.

Finally, according to Ohio accident attorneys, bicyclists should obey the rules of the road and should not wear headphones while riding. Headphones prevent bicyclists from hearing traffic noise and cautionary car horns.

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