Day-in-the-life videos

  • New strategy for pretrial consultants are as follows: Settlement documentaries are designed to present your case to a mediator, insurance adjustor or opposing counsel. They are not evidence and are for settlement purposes only.  The newsmagazine style story outlines the case in a 10-15 minute documentary.  Our stories have a proven ability to produce maximum settlements, avoiding a costly, time-intensive trial.  Cases suited to settlement documentaries include wrongful death, product liability and medical malpractice, but nearly any type of case can benefit from a powerfully produced video.
  • A day-in-the-life video is the best way to show the impact of a catastrophic injury on your client and his or her family.  The day-in-the-life video is evidence and is usually admitted during the damages phase.  We faithfully document your client’s day with a professional videographer and edit the video into a coherent summary.  The result is powerful evidence that lets the jury see for itself the kind of damages your client has suffered.
  • When pictures don’t tell the whole story, video animation can allow the viewer to witness precise reconstructions of any story, from an auto accident to topographical maps and the design of a product.  The animation can be drawn from any angle, real or imagined.  The finished product may be used as demonstrative evidence in court, or as part of a settlement documentary.

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