Man claims he suffered a spinal injury while working on barge

Accidents which cause spinal injuries can have a major impact on the lives of their victims. Thus, employers should make sure to maintain safe work environments in which their employees aren’t exposed to dangerous hazards that could cause these accidents. Recently, in Louisiana, a man has claimed that he suffered a spinal injury because his employer failed to do this.

The case involves a man who worked on a crane barge as a rigger. The man alleges that he suffered a serious injury from an accident which occurred on the barge.

The accident reportedly occurred on September 1, 2010. That day, the man was reportedly assisting in the unloading of another barge. The man alleges that as he was providing this assistance, he was crushed by a load that was being moved by the crane barge. The man claims that he sustained a brain and spinal injury during this accident.

The man has now brought a lawsuit against the company he worked for. The man argues that the company failed to provide the tools and crew necessary to safely perform the unloading. The man also claimed that the company ordered that the unloading be performed in a way which ignored safety considerations. The man claims that this negligence caused an unsafe work environment which led to his injury.

These allegations illustrate an important point. Workplace accidents can sometimes be very harmful. These accidents can be particularly life-changing when they cause spinal injuries. Thus, one hopes that all employers are taking steps to ensure that their employees aren’t facing unsafe hazards in the workplace. If they don’t, they could be putting their workers in harm’s way.

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