Police crackdown leads to 15 drunk driving arrests

In a previous post we discussed a study on the relationship between the blood alcohol level of a driver and the severity of a car accident. The study found that even a 0.01 blood-alcohol level led to accident injuries that were on average 37 percent more severe than those experienced by individuals involved in accidents with completely sober drivers. The average severity of personal injuries and the average speed of car accident increased with every 0.01 percent blood alcohol level reading.

The study confirmed the well known fact that drunk drivers are more likely to cause a serious car accident than completely sober drivers. The number of drunk drivers increases during summer months making  roads more dangerous. The increase in summer-holiday-related drunk driving incidents is why  state police ramp up law enforcement efforts during the summer.

State Police Officers arrested 15 drivers for drunk driving last weekend during a Golden, CO DUI crackdown. The crackdown is dubbed “Checkpoint Strikeforce” and is part of a series of anti-drunk driving campaigns nationwide. The hope is that these campaigns will decrease the number of drunk drivers and thereby also decrease the number of personal injuries arising from drunk driving car accidents.

The New Castle County DUI Task Force,  State Police Troop 5, and the Millsboro Police Department conducted drunk driving saturation patrols and five checkpoints throughout the state. Upcoming patrols and checkpoint sites include Newark, Smyrna, Georgetown, and Clayton. Police plan on conducting the saturation patrols and DUI checkpoints for the rest of the year through New Year’s Eve.

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